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Who Are We

Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC)

Welcome to the Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC), founded in 1992 by Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera. Based in NYC, LPAC is a national beacon of Christ-centered, faith-based advocacy. Our mission revolves around the core principles of education, empowerment, and equipping individuals for a transformative journey. At the heart of our vision are Holistic Ministries and Holistic Servant Leaders, dedicated to fostering healthy communities, revitalizing civil society, and rebuilding social capital.


LPAC envisions holistic service, grounded in robust internal systems and structures, coupled with need-based programs designed to address a myriad of community issues. We strive to cultivate strong, independent, and articulate Holistic Servant Leaders who authentically represent and are accountable to their families and communities.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Esteban Rivera, our community center embodies LPAC's commitment to making a lasting impact. With a focus on holistic development, LPAC endeavors to create positive and sustainable change, leaving an indelible mark on the communities we serve.

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